Comfortable Carpet Flooring in Vaughan, ON

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When it comes to creating an inviting, warm, and comfortable space, there’s no better choice than quality carpet from GTA Flooring Canada. Our carpet flooring in Vaughan, ON, is the perfect solution to meet your needs. With hundreds of styles and textures, carpet works perfectly in any room of your home. At our showroom we have more colors, fibers, and textures than you can imagine, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Carpet keeps your home warmer in the winter sparing you and your family the inconvenience of cold feet. Carpeting also adds soundproofing, making it perfect for offices and bedrooms so you can work and sleep in peace. Your home is also safer for your family because of the soft surface that carpet provides for accidental trips and falls.

Consult Our Carpet Professionals

If you are unsure of what carpet style would work best for you or want to ask about our prices, we are here to help with our free consultations. At our carpet store, we can assist you with replacing outdated flooring in one room or outfit your entire home with luxurious new carpet. When making recommendations, our floor designers listen to your needs, tastes, and lifestyle and take your existing décor into account. Discuss your design ideas with us, and we’ll help you see how they would look in your space.

When it comes time to place the new flooring in your home, trust our team to handle your carpet installation. Our professional flooring contractors have the experience and tools to ensure your installation is taken care of correctly and looks just as good as it did in our showroom.

Carpet for Your Business

Our flooring selections work perfectly in more than just homes. We are proud to offer a large variety of commercial carpets for your business. Carpet provides natural insulation and sound reducing qualities that make it perfect for an office, and it adds grip to your floor, almost eliminating slips and falls. Whether you're a local small business or part of a national chain, we have the carpet flooring to give your customers the right first impression.

Trusted Brands with Tried-and-True Floors

When looking for the best carpet brands in the GTA, we are your solution. Three of the top brands we carry are Tigressa H2O, Stainmaster, and Design Distinctions. As carpet industry leaders, all three of these manufacturers offer unprecedented durability. Stainmaster is engineered to resist all types of stains while Tigressa H2O is waterproof and pet proof. Design Distinctions provides the benefits of both while providing unique and breathtaking designs.

No matter which option you choose, your property is much better for it. A new floor increases the value of your property, especially when it’s put in place by our professional carpet installation team. We see to it that your installed carpet fits correctly and that it complements your space perfectly.



Contact us when you are looking to add carpet to your home or business. We proudly serve customers in Vaughan, ON and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


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