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GTA Flooring Canada offers clients an uncompromising blend of top-quality service combined with industry leading resources and material acquisition capabilities. We have been servicing the clientele in Ontario for over a decade.

We offer the experience that minute details of the Flooring industry requires along with one point of contact that provides consistent level of quality and service and avoid duplication.

We are large enough to serve any customer with distinction yet entrepreneurial enough to pay exclusive attention to customer’s needs.

Your investment in a new flooring project requires doing business with people who have the highest marks of “Honesty” and “Integrity”. Here at GTA Flooring Canada we deliver both.

Sales Associates at GTA Flooring Canada are experienced in design and managing projects of every size and complexity, combining quality and safety with efficiency and cost effectiveness. We ensure that our Licensed, Insured and Certified installers meet established service and quality standards at all times. 

We specialize in Turnkey Renovation and New Build projects for Corporations (large, medium and small), Government Agencies, Non-Profits, Academic Institutions, Property Management Firms, Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Hospitality and Healthcare industry, Retail stores and Shopping Malls.


Projects Completed:


Corporate Environments:

Workplace renovation is a part of every growing and evolving business, and a comfortable and visually pleasing environment greatly contributes to improved employee morale and production. Corporate floor-covering options have increased dramatically in recent years, and advancements in technology and design give today’s clients a multitude of ways to improve their décor while expressing their corporate personality.

Since the non-disruption of your day-to- day operations is your top priority, GTA Flooring Canada offers night and weekend installations. Project phasing and flexible scheduling ensures that your business continues to function smoothly throughout your renovation project. Our certified installation professionals easily switch out flooring in spaces where you have large or modular furniture. Innovative design, scheduling flexibility, and an experienced installation team makes GTA Flooring Canada the leader in corporate flooring renovation projects.


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The flooring for hospitality projects needs to be durable and installed correctly for the safety of the clientele and to achieve the desired results. Downtime means lost income for these properties, and our staff is sensitive to the tight schedules and time frames required to get the projects done quickly. Heavily patterned broadloom and carpet tile are commonly specified for these areas. We train our mechanics to be certified in pattern matching so that our installations carry mill guarantees along with our standard company guarantee.

Moisture testing, seaming diagrams, and excellent project management teamed with superior installation ensures that your hospitality project will look great and will exceed your expectations while performing well over the life of the products selected. Our company has the skill and patience to properly work with the specialty textiles to create these beautiful spaces. Let our team make your project a success!






Educational Institutes:






As the healthcare industry continues to grow, GTA Flooring Canada is there to provide environmentally friendly, affordable floor-covering solutions. Our extensive project management and installation experience gives us the edge over our competition in flooring projects in hospitals, medical and dental offices, assisted living and nursing facilities.

Extensive experience affords us insight and sensitivity to the unique needs of the healthcare community during the construction/renovation process. The safety and comfort of patients is our primary concern. Trust our dedicated team of professionals to ensure that your healthcare renovations are completed with minimal disruption to your patients and your daily operations.


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Government Institutes:






London Community Centre


“There is no place like home” and to make a house feel like home, interiors play the most important role. At GTA Flooring Canada homeowners discover GTA’s largest selection of high quality, high fashion, name brand flooring. We understand your needs and provide the best possible solutions that perform in demandingBuilders (Custom and Sub Divisions):

households and meet the interior and decor requirements. You can also look forward to enjoying world-class customer service, the kind our customers rank right up there with the best they have ever experienced. Timelines are extremely important for Builders and delivering the project well ahead of time while working with tight schedules is utmost priority.


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Multi Family Units

The floor covering used for Multi Family units including Condos, Apartments and senior living homes need to be durable and slip resistant besides creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the residents. There is much to know about products for this arena: What products wear well under high traffic and require least maintenance. What products are moisture proof? What products will serve as a cushion should the residents fall?

Our goal is to guide you to the products that will wear and perform well while meeting your budget and desired look. Our talented installers are sensitive to working in occupied areas to ensure the residents’ comfort and safety. Efficient and quick service along with right products installed on time and budget are our top priority.


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