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tile flooring

Tile Flooring in Vaughan, ON, Canada

desk and chair by window - tile flooringWhen you shop with us, beautiful and practical are never mutually exclusive. That fact is especially prevalent in our selection of tile flooring in Vaughan, ON, Canada. From trendy to traditional, GTA Flooring tile is some of the best in the business. It works well in any room, but is particularly effective in water-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Although our selection is enormous, that doesn’t mean shopping has to be time-consuming. Our sale and design experts are highly experienced in helping homeowners like you narrow down the choices quickly. We take you through our showroom, measure the space you have in mind, and get to know your lifestyle needs and personal styles. This lets us figure out which tile flooring is best for you and your family. You can help us do so by bringing in any samples or pictures of what you like. We want you to be totally and completely confident in your purchase before you leave our store, because we always intend for our floors to last.

Make Your Tile Uniquely Yours

A floor made of tile is one of the most customizable choices you can buy. You get to pick the color, texture, and even the size and shape. It can be made to look like hardwood flooring, natural stone, and other high-end materials. The brand-name manufacturers we carry are reliable ones, like FloorCraft and Ceramic Tile by Daltile. Both produce exceptional products and are leaders in developing innovative ideas. All types of tile, brand-name and otherwise, are easy to care and water-resistant to prevent mold, so you and your family stay healthy.

Save Time with Ceramic

You have better things to do than spend time cleaning your floor. Our ceramic tile is a remarkably low-maintenance option, with only sweeping and mopping being needed for cleaning. The color you choose stays bright even when the surface gets chipped or scraped, so you shouldn’t have to worry about replacement for a long time. Ceramic tile flooring installation is also a short and simple process because the material is easy to cut. You’ll be able to use your new floor a whole lot faster and can easily replace any tiles that get damaged.

Get Creative with Porcelain

Porcelain tile has many of the same benefits as ceramic, plus you can take the decorating fun even further with patterns, trim pieces, and accents. It can easily be made casual or formal and go with whatever décor you have in your home. Once you’ve got your floor the way you want it, you can count on having it that way for as long as the lifetime of your home.

You Can Always Count on Slate

If you’re all about earthy colors, strength, and durability, slate tile is the floor for you. This material is fully water resistant, making it stress-free. Bathtub splashes and kitchen spills won’t ruin the floor at all, and cleaning up is easy. An added relief is the shield against pet feet. Dogs with long toenails and cats with sharp claws may have damaged your floor in the past, but not anymore. You can happily let your pet roam free without fear of scratches.


Contact us for tile floors that can’t be beat. We install them throughout Vaughan, Mississauga, and Oakville, ON, Canada, and the surrounding areas.


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